about me

I am a digital solutions architect, innovative design thinker, and product & user experience designer. I help solve digital marketing challenges, craft e-commerce solutions and improve customer experiences.

By emphasizing the user experience, I try to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-dimensional way, involving the end user and considering the organizations concerns. I believe in the idea that function and form should be properly balanced in any solution.

I was employed by some high profile companies including Adobe, CNN, Cox Communications and at Yahoo for almost 10 years. Because of my background, I am familiar with many different processes and organizational structures, which helps me step into almost any situation and lend a hand.

Every process is different, every customer is different and every question is different. That is why it is much more powerful if you dare to ask the right questions. I know how to ask the right questions and take logical follow-up steps in order to move the effort forward and achieve your goals.


Technical Aptitude
Marketing Savvy
Creative Thinking
Communications Skills

Clients/Past Employers