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My most recent blogs, tumblrs, tweets and such related to sharing television experiences, second screen apps, social media, cutting the cord, over the top content and social tv.  - visit site -

Diffusion of Web Icons

Icons have been used on the Internet from the very beginning but have evolved over time and now behave similar to those of operating system icons. This is my Master Practicum and explores the relationships of web icons and their functions. (circa 2000)  - visit site -

The Bauhaus

The Bauhaus school of design promoted function over form through the 1920s and 30s. They continue to be a major influence over visual communications. Their design philosophy has influence my approach to creating solutions. The site was built while pursuing my masters degree.  - visit site -

The New Science Via Marshall McLuhan

An article I wrote for my masters effort in 1993 about Marshall McLuhan. I still believe McLuhan had a great influence on the way we study the cultural impact of modern communications technologies.  - read paper -